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PrankDial Help

Get the answers to all your PrankDial questions here.
  1. Is this free? PrankDial is 100% free. Each user gets 2 free pranks everyday, these free pranks have limitations. You can choose to purchase or earn tokens which give you more privileges when pranking.
  2. I sent a call out but didn't receive anything... Sometimes free calls may get lost in our system during peak times.
  3. I lost my Token ID, how do I get it back? Just go to the forgot token page. It will give you all the tokens you have purchased/earned with your email.
  4. I have another question that isn't answered here?! Feel free to contact us.
  5. Can I call internationally? Yes you can! If you are a token user, simply enter the country and city code and PrankDial will give you the token rate for that particular area. Only available on select pranks as of now.
Buying Tokens
  1. I bought tokens but I still haven't received an active token id? Please email us and choose 'Problem' as the topic. Include your PayPal email. We'll make sure you get your tokens!
  2. I can buy tokens from both the Buy and Free Tokens pages? If you are purchasing tokens through PayPal or Cedit Card, please use the Buy page. This page offers better discounts on token purchases! If you want to use your cell phone to buy tokens then use the Free Tokens page.
  3. Can I get a refund on tokens? Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds for unused tokens. But don't worry, they'll never expire!
  4. I didn't receive an email from you guys with my token id?! Sometimes our emails get put in your spam box, check there!
Earning Tokens
  1. I filled out an offer but I still didn't receive my tokens? You can check your offer status by staying on the page and clicking the green 'Missing Tokens' button or by going here. You should also receive an email when your tokens have been rewarded. If you still don't get your tokens, then email us and choose 'Problem' as the topic. Include the verification text from the offer. We'll make sure you get your tokens!
  2. I'm trying to login with my free token ID but it keeps saying invalid? You have to wait until your offer gets approved in order to login. You'll receive a verification email as soon as that happens! You can also check on your offer status here.

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