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People love PrankDial

Love it! Great way to pull out the sides of people you might not have seen before! I suggest a series by the same person, that way you can continue the joke on the same person over time, just to see how mad they get, the hit my car and called my girlfriend work good one after the other. - Jennifer Love (Google+)

Genius!!!!!! I can't even tell you how many people I've got with this it's absolutely hysterical and it's great because they don't even know who is calling. You can put any call back number you want. Priceless app that guarantees hours of fun! - Janine Phoenix (Google+)

Hahaha best pranks ever u should download. Dude my friends thought they had a secret crush ahhahahah download listen its #1 - John

FUNNY!!! My wife got me with this. After I realised what it was couldn't stop laughing - George Urbin (Google+)

This is theee best app ever! I have so many saved pranks. It gets people all the time! - Christina Hendricks (Facebook)

Awesome this app is awesome great source of entertainment and is really fun not much different from the site - Tamon Smith (Google+)

Great I love this app. The pranks are awesome. - Sarah Slaseman (Google+)

Coolest app ever I have way to much fun with this app an ppl still fall for it. - Vladimir Kolombet (Google+)

Best ever I really like this app had lots of fun with it playing pranks on my friends - Chris Simpson (Google+)

PrankDial makes prank phone calls easy and hysterical!  They enable you to prank friends and family with anonymous, pro-scripted phone calls.  They offer hundreds of different call options with strategic pauses, designed to keep someone on the phone so you can cover your mouth and laugh!  Their call options are continually updated to make using them an unforgettable, original, and fun experience for all involved.  Best of all, using PrankDial's caller id emulator, you can have your recipient receive a call from anyone you like. - Amy Russell

Yes, this app only allows playback of pre-recorded pranks….BUT, spend some time with it and you will see that it was WELL WORTH the download! 'Has kept me entertained (crying in laughter, actually) once I figured out how to take advantage of the app. HANDS DOWN, the best phone prank app in iTunes if used correctly! Please try to read between the lines here and you will see this review is accurate once ya see what I mean. - ArcticTE

Love this. So funny. - Heather G

Fun! To the guy concerned with buying tokens, it's safe and reliable and worth the small price. Good times! - A Google User 

Prank Dial is a roll on the floor funny app  that really allows to prank call with your friends with preset Prank call recordings. It allows to change caller id, record your own call , down load and save in your SD card to provide link online to the audio. You can easily browse through the library and and listen to pranks by type: New, funny, popular, annoying, songs and movies. You can share via facebook, tweeter, MySpace and Google Buzz. - Manpreet Singh Oberoi

This game is so fun even when you prank your aunts.You will be amazed by the game .Also it as funny pranks on prank dial. - Zanaya Plazola

I love this Thank you guys BAHAHA great for people you hate and you know their friends phone numbers ;) - Jacki Easley (Google+)

Fun This is a cool app. I recommend that you download this app.I like the peaples reactions when I call them.hilarious. 5 stars for sure - Albin Aguilar (Google+)

Dope! This app is amazing n funny - Althene Jackson (Google+)

Prank So funny called my sister and really thought it Was a radio station - Ronnell Jackson (Google+)

Really easy yo use and very fun to prank your friends I've tried a couple times and it works perfectly gets them every time - Kyle Coleman (Google+)

Very funny Used it on a couple people very funny - Danny Mccray (Google+)

Lol My friend told me about this app its too funny Thx for the free call - Anas Mohamed (Google+)

Great Great app love being able to prank call people and can buy tokens for cheap love it - Hillbilly Redneck (Google+)

Love it Makes people so mad and its so funny - John Martin (Google+)

Awesome Lol this prankdail is hilarious - Dilber Akhmedova (Google+)

Prankdial I love this app it is the best - Sianah Castro (Google+)

Excellent Kool funny yall should try it!!! - A Google User

Best app I tried this app on my parents alot and they always fel fo it. LoL :) - Joel Eshun (Google+)

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